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1 goodnature-A24-Rat-and-Mouse-Trap-Home-Trapping-Kit-LGOO
2 Your Trap – A24 How it works
3 Lure Taster Cards
4 Lure Taster installation
5 Trap locations – At Home
6 Trap locations – On a Farm
7 A24 Trap Mount installation
8 Moving your A24 safely
9 Declaration & warnings
10 Documents / Resources
10.1 References
10.2 Related Manuals / Resources




Your Trap – A24goodnature-A24-Rat-and-Mouse-Trap-Home-Trapping-Kit-FIG-1How it worksgoodnature-A24-Rat-and-Mouse-Trap-Home-Trapping-Kit-FIG-2

Lure attracts rodents into the trapThe Automatic Lure Pump (ALP) is filled with highly attractive, non-toxic lure and sits at the top of the A24 to lure rats and mice into the trap. The ALP slowly dispenses fresh lure over a 6 month period, so it’s always fresh and attractive to rats and mice. Replace your ALP every 6 months.

Rodent moves the trigger, firing the trapThe A24 is powered by a CO2 gas canister and will last for 24 kills. The trigger is placed directly below the lure, so that when the rodent moves the trigger, the trap fires a piston directly into the back to the rodent’s head, killing the rodent swiftly and humanely.goodnature-A24-Rat-and-Mouse-Trap-Home-Trapping-Kit-FIG-3

The trap automatically resets itselfOnce the A24 fires, the rodent drops to the floor as the piston immediately retracts back into the trap – ready for the next one! The A24 gives you constant control over rats and mice without having to visit your trap or touching any dead rodents!

Digital Strike Counter records the killIt’s common for the dead pests below your trap to be scavenged by by other species, so it’s unlikely you will see everything that is killed. Once installed, the Digital Strike Counter will record the number of rats or mice that your trap has killed before they’re scavenged.NOTE: Not all kits include a Digital Strike Counter.

Lure Taster Cardsgoodnature-A24-Rat-and-Mouse-Trap-Home-Trapping-Kit-FIG-4

What are Lure Taster Cards?Lure Tasters are small “chew cards” filled with toxin-free lure that act a pre-feed for your site by introducing a‘taste’ of the same lure in that’s your A24. When rats and mice come across our chocolate lure, they’ll go looking for more, which will lead them to your trap!There are two ways the Lure Tasters help you catch your rodents:

  1.  Lure Tasters act as pre-feed for your site. Rats are wary of changes in their environment and it can take a bit of time for them to show interest in a new lure.
  2.  Lure Tasters also show you the best places to install your trap. If you see they have bite marks on them, this means you’ve found an area the rodents feel safe enough to stop and eat, which means it’s a good location for your trap.

How to use Lure TastersInstall your A24 Trap AND put out your Lure Tasters at the same time to start attracting rodents straight away. While your A24 is ready for action, the Lure Tasters will be out pre-feeding your area. The more lure you have available to rodents, the better your chances of success are.

Move your trapIf at first you don’t succeed, move your trap. Moving your trap regularly helps catch all your rats and mice, as there’s never just one. We recommend moving traps to a new spot weekly until you hit on a rodent hotspot. Go to page 11 to find out how to move your trap safely.NOTE: If using a Trap Mount you must de-gas the trap before moving it. When you unscrew the gas canister from the trap, this will deplete any remaining gas left. in the canister.

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Lure Taster installation

  1. Choose up to 6 locationsYour kit comes with 6 Lure Taster cards and pins, so you can choose up to 6 locations around your property to install them. Choose spots near where you have your trap – roughly 20 ft apart.
  2. Fold the Lure Taster in halfFold the Lure Taster in half with the orange side facing out. You should see the lure squeezing out when you do this.goodnature-A24-Rat-and-Mouse-Trap-Home-Trapping-Kit-FIG-5
  3. Pin the Lure Taster to your surfaceSecure the Lure Taster 5” off the ground, loose enough to allow room for the rodent to get their mouth around the card.
  4. Check after 3 nightsIf your cards show any sign of rodent activity, that means they feel safe enough to stop for some food, which is exactly where you should install your A24.goodnature-A24-Rat-and-Mouse-Trap-Home-Trapping-Kit-FIG-6

Trap locations – At Homegoodnature-A24-Rat-and-Mouse-Trap-Home-Trapping-Kit-FIG-7

Where to put your trap at homeThe best place is where a rodent feels safe to eat – so choose a spot where they’re out of sight. Good places for your trap are in your roof, the corner of your garage or basement, in a kitchen cupboard, all nice and sheltered locations. If you place your trap along a wall or fence line, make sure the trap stand is parallel to the wall.

Look for bitemarksIf you’ve seen your Lure Tasters have been nibbled on, this is a great place to install your trap.

Moving your trap helps catch ‘em allIf you don’t catch anything after 3 days – simply move your trap to a new location. Moving your trap regularly helps catch all your rats and mice, as there’s never just one! We recommend moving traps to a new spot weekly until you find a rodent hotspot.NOTE: If using a Trap Mount you must de-gas the trap before moving it. When you unscrew the gas canister from the trap, this will deplete any remaining gas left. in the canister.

Be patientFinding the most effective location to catch your rats and mice might take a few attempts. Be patient. Everyone’s rodent hotspot is different!

Trap locations – On a Farmgoodnature-A24-Rat-and-Mouse-Trap-Home-Trapping-Kit-FIG-8

Where to put your trap on a farmRats and mice are more likely to stop and eat in a sheltered place where they feel safe. Inside buildings, good places for traps are near doors or openings, andin nooks and corners. Ideal outdoor locations are near bushy areas alongside waterways, hedges and ponds as rats usually follow the water edge.

Keep it tidyStore any food sources, such as chicken feed or dog food, in sealed containers and reduce access to other feed and seed storage areas and silos by installing mesh in drains and pipes, and fixing access holes. Clearing away obsolete machinery, wood and building materials around the farm will also reduce rodent hiding places.

Move traps that aren’t catching anythingIf a trap doesn’t catch anything, it is likely in the wrong spot. Moving it a few yards can often make a difference.

Keep your traps firingChecking automatic traps a few times a year will ensure they are still firing and baited. If the rat population grows, so should the trapping network Collaborate Sharing tips with neighbours is a great way to stay on top of rat problems and be aware of infestations outside of your farm.

A24 Trap Stand installation (Home Trapping Kit)NOTE: There are 2 ways to install an A24, using the A24 Trap Stand or the A24 Trap Mount.

  1. Open the Stand LockUnclip the orange Stand Lock by reaching your thumb tip right into the end of the orange tab and pressing while pulling backwards.
  2. Attach the A24 to the Trap StandGuide the top slot at the rear of the A24 onto the upper central locking tab of the stand. Gently ease the trap into the stand until it clicks into the lower locking tab. Don’t force it, there should be no gap between the A24 and stand.goodnature-A24-Rat-and-Mouse-Trap-Home-Trapping-Kit-FIG-9
  3. Clip in the Stand LockSecure the A24 to the stand by closing the orange Stand Lock. You will hear a ‘click’ when it is in place. Place your trap stand on a flat surface or ground.
  4. Removing the A24 from the Trap StandDe-gas your A24 by following the instructions on page 11, so it’s safe to detach from the Trap Stand. Open the stand lock and on a flat surface, hold the Trap Stand down firmly with one hand and pull the A24 up with the other.goodnature-A24-Rat-and-Mouse-Trap-Home-Trapping-Kit-FIG-10
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A24 Trap Mount installation

  1. Separate the Trap Mount from the A24Using your forefinger and thumb, press the Black Tabs inwards and ease the orange Trap Mount along and off the Trap Body.
  2. Attach the Trap MountUsing a screwdriver, screw in the orange Trap Mount 5” (about a hand width) above the ground onto a straight tree or post. Do not overtighten the screws.goodnature-A24-Rat-and-Mouse-Trap-Home-Trapping-Kit-FIG-11
  3. Click the A24 onto the Trap MountTilt the Trap Body backwards slightly and lower it onto the top locking tab of the Trap Mount. As you press downwards the Trap Body will be guided in toward the Trap Mount and lock in with a click.
  4. Secure your A24 TrapEnsure your Trap is clicked in properly and the Trap Mount is firmly screwed to the tree or post before powering up your A24.Gas & Lure installationgoodnature-A24-Rat-and-Mouse-Trap-Home-Trapping-Kit-FIG-12
  5. Power up your A24Remove the black cap from the gas canister. Be careful to keep the screw thread clean and free of debris. Screw the canister firmly into the trap. Hand tighten only.
  6. Attach the Digital Strike CounterIf you purchased a Counter with your A24, slightly wet the inside of the rubber strap for lubrication and rotate the Counter counter-clockwise as you ease it up the canister. The Counter display must face directly away from the trap.goodnature-A24-Rat-and-Mouse-Trap-Home-Trapping-Kit-FIG-13
  7. Zeroing and checking the CounterZero the Counter by pressing the button and holding it down until the display shows ‘00’. The Counter goes to sleep a few seconds after the button is released. To check the tally on the Counter, quickly press and release the button. The display will show the number killed.
  8. Test-fire your A24To test fire the A24, reach a pen or twig down through the top of the trap and push the Trigger gently to the side. The Striker will fire with a bang and then retract. Always keep your hands clear of trap entrances, don’t hold trap in your hands during test-fire and always treat the trap as live.Trap is not covered under warranty when trap breaks during test-fire and is not mounted onto the portable Trap Stand or Trap Mount at the time.goodnature-A24-Rat-and-Mouse-Trap-Home-Trapping-Kit-FIG-14
  9. Activate the Automatic Lure Pump (ALP)Remove the coin from the top of the ALP to activate the technology that slowly forces a steady stream of lure out for a 6 month period. When enough lure is forced out it will drop off and onto the ground and act as pre-feed, allowing rodents to build up their food preference before they enter the trap.
  10. Nest the ALP into the Shroud CapWhile keeping the Cap on the ALP, shape it into the Shroud Cap far enough so that its skirted edge sits aligned with the edge of the Cap. Now remove the ALP’s Cap and a small amount of lure may be forced out, that’s fine – just wipe this excess lure below the entrance of your trap as more pre-feed.goodnature-A24-Rat-and-Mouse-Trap-Home-Trapping-Kit-FIG-15
  11. Secure the Shroud Cap and ALPPlace the Shroud Cap with the ALP into the Lure Cradle and screw into the internal thread with a few turns. Once the ALP is screwed into the Lure Cradle, secure the Shroud Cap onto the trap by pushing down and clicking into place with one last turn. The ALP is now set and active!
  12. Replace Gas and ALP every 6 monthsYour ALP will last for up to 6 months, so make a note of when you’ll need to replace your lure next. Your trap is only as good as its lure, so it’s important your lure is always fresh and attractive. Replace your Gas Canister at the same time, this ensures your trap is always powered and ready to strike at any moment.

Moving your A24 safely

  1. De-gas your A24When you unscrew the gas canister from your trap, this will deplete any remaining gas! Make sure you have a spare gas canister before moving your trap.
    1.  Remove the Counter (if you have one) by screwing it counter-clockwise as you ease it down the gas canister.
    2.  Hold the gas canister with a cloth to protect your hands and unscrew the gas canister from the trap. Be careful as the gas canister will freeze rapidly when you unscrew it from the trap.
  2. Remove the final charge from the A24Although the gas canister has been removed, the trap may still be live with one or more charges remaining in its chamber.Test fire your trap by taking off the Shroud Cap and using a pen or a twig, reach down through the top of the trap and push the Trigger (thin metal rod) to one side. Keep pushing on the trigger until all gas has been flushed out.Always treat the trap as live until you have de-gassed and test fired it. If the trap doesn’t fire when triggered, the trap has successfully been de-gassed.goodnature-A24-Rat-and-Mouse-Trap-Home-Trapping-Kit-FIG-16
  3. Detach the A24 from the Trap MountWith the trap de-gassed, your trap is now safe to detach from the Trap Mount. Using your thumb and forefinger, squeeze the Black Tabs and with upward pressure pull the trap up and off the Trap Mount.Always keep fingers clear of trap entrances.goodnature-A24-Rat-and-Mouse-Trap-Home-Trapping-Kit-FIG-17
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Declaration & warnings

EC Declaration of Conformity of machinery (original)This declaration relates exclusively to the machinery in the state in which it was placed on the market, and excludes components which are added and/or operations carried out subsequently by the final user.Product: Rat and Stoat Trap / Rat and Mouse Trap, A24; including trap mount kit and blocker accessories.Manufacturer: Goodnature Limited, 8 Horner Street, Newtown, Wellington 6021, NEW ZEALAND


  • USE ONLY Goodnature CO2 Canisters. Use of other canisters will void warranty
  • NEVER use a petroleum-based lubricant in your trap
  • ALWAYS store CO2 Canisters below 49°C
  • NEVER leave CO2 Canisters in a vehicle on a hot day
  • ALWAYS dispose of used CO2 Canisters responsibly
  • NEVER crush CO2 Canisters or put in a fire
  • NEVER allow children to play with or around traps
  • NEVER submerse your trap
  • NEVER use a damaged trap
  • NEVER modify your trap
  • ALWAYS act responsibly
  • USE ONLY as recommended in this quick start guide
  • ALWAYS wear appropriate safety gear when setting and firing a trap
  • DO NOT install the CO2 Canister until the trap is • Carbon Dioxide CO2, CAS: 124-38-9, 16g correctly mounted
  • ALWAYS remove the CO2 Canister and test-fire to remove final charge before removing the trap from its mounted position
  • ALWAYS treat your trap as LIVE
  • ONLY test fire your trap as directed: see section: Moving Your Trap
  • ALWAYS remove the CO2 Canister and test-fire to remove final charge before moving the trap
  • ALWAYS test-fire to remove final charge from the trap after removing the CO2 Canister and before removing it from the trap mount: see section: Moving Your Trap
  • ONLY set traps at the height recommended in this guide and be considerate of others when choosing the traps location
  • NEVER put hands or objects in the entrance of the trap
  • NEVER fire and re-fire the trap in quick succession
  • Contains gas under pressure; may explode if heated
  • Protect from sunlight. Store in a well-ventilated place
  • UN2037 / EN16509

Technical File Authorised owner: Craig Bond, 8 Horner Street, Newtown, Wellington 6021, NEW ZEALAND This product fulfils all relevant provisions of the Machinery Directive. Signed for an on behalf of: Goodnature Limited, Wellington

Place and date of Issue:Goodnature Limited, 8 Horner Street, Newtown, Wellington 6021, NEW ZEALAND, 10th January – 2020

Documents / Resources

imagegoodnature A24 Rat and Mouse Trap Home Trapping Kit [pdf] User GuideA24 Rat and Mouse Trap Home Trapping Kit, A24 Rat Home Trapping Kit, Mouse Trap Home Trapping Kit, A24 Rat and Mouse Trap


  • Goodnature A24 Rat & Mouse Trap | Non-Toxic & Automatic | Goodnature

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